My First Night in Santi

First of all, the whole group of 18 of us went to a typical Chilean restaurant for a meal with our rep Claire, her husband Andres, our deputy rep Andrew and his wife Pilar. For starters we had a mixture of breads and sauces, then fried empanadas, which are kinda like samosa pastry, but inside there’s amazing mozzarella cheese, also there were mussells, scallops and a dish of prawns and beef.

Then for main meal, if you ask for beef, that is exactly what you get…. a massive slab of beef on your plate. Honestly, it was huge and I had no idea how I was ever gonna eat it, being jetlagged and tired. Luckily, Claire had ordered salads and chips to go with the slab of steak. The salad was so fresh and beautiful… then the meat.

Before I left, for a few months I haven’t enjoyed meat, especially, like slabs of meat. But this beef was incredible, it made me start liking meat again. It was perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside with like a kinda softish pink centre. Oh my days, honestly it was amazing. And I ate ALL of it, like a real man. Also, if you don’t like meat/ are vegetarian… you can have chicken.

We also had several bottles of Casillero del Diablo wine, and I was talking (in Spanish) to Claire’s Chilean husband Andres. He was such a nice lovely guy, and really funny too. We talked about lots of things, and I really enjoyed his company. He’s a hairdresser too, so I may get my hair cut by him later in the year.

So, after our meal, most of the people went back to the hostel, however a group of idk, 12 maybe wanted to go and find the plaza, with all the bars, just to have a drink. We didn’t find the plaza, but we found a road with some bars on, one side was pretty rough and we got lots of weird looks, so most people went back to the hostel.

Then, 6 girls decided to go back to explore the other side of the street, we went and a man like asked us into the bar cos they have cocktails… and it was happy hour. Seemed like a win win situation, so I got a long island, which was very tasty. Then 2 of the guys joined us for a juice.

Most ppl had finished and went home to the hostel, but Kirsty and I stayed for a bit longer, cos she hadn’t finished her drink. We were just chilling in the bar with the nice music, when a guy from the next table asked where we were from. We started talking to them, and they were again really lovely people. They were called Felipe and Cristian, and we talked in Spanglish about everything from the beatles, to the difference between whisky and bourbon, to our long journey, and they also gave us some useful information about where we’re going.

We thought Temuco (the bigger city outside of our towns) was a big city, with an airport that was busy and full of students. However, Felipe warned us that

  • it’s very cold
  • it’s very boring
  • there’s lots of mountains
  • there’s only 3 bars, in the central square
  • the clothes in the market are cheap

so, we got a bit of an insight into Temuco which was nice.

Then, at 2am we decided to call it a night, and pray that there would be someone in the hostel to let us in. We gave Felipe our email addresses so that he could find us on facebook, and we said goodbye with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek –  which is the custom in Chile, don’t worry!

So basically, on my first night I had the best beef ever, I drank lots of wine and I went to a cocktail bar. Brilliant.



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