Michael Jackson

In the boarding house (internado) there are around 30-35 girls aged mainly 12-15 years old. We were talking one day about music, and we named famous English/ American artists that we thought they would know. They all seemed to think that we know Justin Beiber personally, and also Hannah Montana, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce etc.

One girl asked me and Rachel if we liked Michael Jackson, we replied yes, and the girl Rosa reacted really badly. She looked at us with a serious and worried look in her eyes, and explained to us that Michael Jackson had signed a pact with the Devil, so now he is in hell (where he belongs). She went on to say that all of his songs and dance moves are satanic, and that if people sing, or dance to his songs, that they too will go to hell. Me and Rachel found this really funny, and were laughing at all this propaganda she was telling us, however a few other girls came up and agreed with Rosa, telling us that they watched a film the other day in the internado which told them about Michael Jackson and his friendship with the Devil.

To test it out, me and Rachel asked various girls in the internado if they liked Michael Jackson, and sure enough, all of them replied promptly “No tia”, and explained how he had signed a pact with the Devil and if we sing his songs, we will go to hell with him. It’s strange how they believe this.


3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson

      1. Another common one was that all scientists were using demons to help their technology. Watches calculators etc. I had to sit there just losing respect for them lil by lil

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