Lonquimay is a small village near the border of Argentina, it’s surrounded by a beautiful river, lots of mountains, lakes and it has it’s own volcano of the same name. It takes 3 hours to get there on the bus, and we left at 11.30am on Saturday morning with the English teacher Karina, as she was born there, and has family and friends living there.

On the way, the scenery was beautiful, the winding roads, the snowtopped mountains and volcanoes, the beautiful still lakes reflecting all the mountains and the clear sky. Also, there were rocky hills, filled with young goats jumping around and bleeting. To get to Lonquimay we had to travel through the longest tunnel in South America (tunel de las raices) and it took 5mins to get through. It felt like I was in a cartoon, travelling through space and time or something!


We got there, and discovered a lovely tranquil village, kind of like Chol-Chol where I’m living right now.

The Saturday we spent just walking around in the lovely sunny weather, talking to Karina’s friends, and seeing bits of Lonquimay, then we went to her Godmother’s house, and had homemade bread with avocado, manjar, cheese, butter, it was super rico! Her Godmother is Mapuche, and makes lots of woollen goods to sell, also, she gets the wool straight from the sheep, and she makes it into the wool herself! We saw how she dies the wool with natural products, like lemon peels, onion skins and flower petals. After, she washes the wool in shampoo to get rid of any smells and then she knits the socks/ jackets etc, it was brilliant.

We met a friend of Karina’s called Randolph, and he invited us to go to the countryside on the Sunday, which sounded like a really good idea. At 10pm ish, we went to see Karina’s friends again, and had a lovely roast of chicken, beef, steak, ribs and yummmm it was really nice.

On Sunday, I had the best day ever, we went with Randolph to the countryside, went over a rickety bridge, and drove on winding country roads to get there. When we arrived there was a massive coutnryhouse, like something out of a movie, the river was rushing on the lefthand side, and on the righthand side there were pure mountains and trees. We met the family who looked after the house from Autumn – Spring, because Randolph’s family only live there in the summer.

Randolph's Place

Inside the house, there were lots of abandoned books, games, bikes, ornaments, animal skulls, it was brilliant looking around, it would be the perfect set for a scary movie. Outside, there was a big herd of goats, many of which were kids, running around in circles and jumping in the grass. We had a bit of lunch, before walking around the fields and by the river. I drank water out of a fresh stream too!

We came back and the horses had arrived, we got them saddled up and went for a lovely horse ride. I had a really lazy horse, so the man gave me a stick to whip the horses’s bum to go faster. We went on a nice little stroll on the horses, with the mountains and the river and the volcano surrounding us. It was just beyond words, and I had the best time ever in this house.

When we got back from the horseride, we had to leave, but before we left, we had a lovely snack of freshly made tortilla, and roast goat! Yummmmm!!! I really want to go back in the summer, we were invited, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to go again.


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