Beating Your Candy Crush Addiction

If like me, you have fallen into the trap of Candy Crush Saga and need one simple tip on how to overcome your addiction, this post might help you. I will be referring to the online Facebook game which you play with friends, therefore if you have downloaded the app to a smartphone or a tablet, this might not apply to you. (Sorry!)

If you don’t know what Candy Crush Saga (hencheforth CC) is, it is a variation on the classic Bejewelled game, where matching 3 identical jewels (or in the case of CC sweets) removes them from the game board and wins you points. Matching 4 or 5 sweets in a row will earn you with special candies that have special powers to win you more points. If you haven’t played yet, then I must warn you now that the game really is a saga with over 350 levels at present. Honestly speaking, once you start playing it is hard to stop, unlike Bejewelled where the game play is the same each time, each of CC’s levels are different. The layout of the board changes, there are several types of challenges and obstacles (such as chocolate) which get in the way, making each level fun and exciting.

Candy crush!

CC has in the last few months blown through the roof and is popular around the globe. Made by London based King games it has 66 million players. Despite the childlike animations of the game and having to go through levels such as the Minty Meadow and pass over the Bubblegum Bridge it is popular with adults too, and has recently taken over Angry Birds to become the world’s most popular online game.

If you, like me are addicted to Candy Crush then this is how I have managed to stay away from the jellies for the past three days; It is a simple concept in essence. First you need to reach the end of an episode. When you get to the end of the episode, you need three friends to send you a virtual ticket, to board the next episode of the saga, right? So, if you simply don’t ask your friends for a ticket, they cannot give you one and you cannot pass to the next level.

Don't ask your friends

I tried this for one day and felt a sense of achievement, having previously played CC everyday for the past month or so. However, I must admit that by the end of the second day I was frustrated, wanting nothing more than to see a Sugar Crush after completing a level. Determined not to ask my friends for tickets, I actually went back to a previous level I had completed to get my candy fix. But actually, there was no fun in it at all, as there was nothing to aim for, having already completed the level.

This method probably best works for people who have strong will power, it requires you to be focused, determined not to fail as well as ignoring requests from your friends when they ask you for extra lives and tickets of their own.

During exam season I pledge not to play Candy Crush everyday, as it takes up time and even though it is a fun revision break, having to log on to Facebook to play it also leads to temptation to read messages from my friends and browse posts in groups I belong to. As an alternative to Candy Crush in your revision break, I recommend Sporcle instead – . It has user submitted quizzes on many topics, including geography, history, TV and science. I personally like the geography ones, such as naming all the European countries. If naming countries isn’t your thing, there are also more fun quizzes, such as naming every word in a Disney song, all the characters in Harry Potter or even guessing the highest grossing movies of 2002. What’s even better about Sporcle, is that at the end of (most of) the quizzes, the website will reveal the answers, meaning you learn a little and remember that yes, Vatican does count as a country.



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