Packing Up

After five weeks of exams I have now finished them all and have come to the end of my second year of university. I have enjoyed this year so much more than my freshers year, but as with every year in a person’s life there are things I wish I’d done more of, societies I wish I would have joined earlier and people I wish I would have connected more with.

As I want to make the most of my ‘free’ time out of the British education system, I have decided to go back to Valencia and au pair again for July and August. I leave at the end of the month and I am now feeling anxious about going so soon. I know the next couple of weeks should be chilled as I spend time with my family, but I know I will be panicking about bank accounts, immunisations and more importantly packing…

Light traveller

Generally I am a very minimalistic person, compared to other people who have lots of ‘stuff’ I don’t seem to gather too much clutter (although my Mum may disagree when I move back home and bring back all my books).

Last time I went abroad for a year, my packing was terrible. I had one rucksack (pictured, weighing in at 16kg) and one small piece of hand luggage, despite being able to take 2 x 20kg bags and one 10kg piece of hand luggage. When I arrived in Chile, I soon realised that clothes-wise I’d packed only four t-shirts, two jumpers and three pairs of jeans. I had no coat, no towel and no formal clothes. The only things I did take plenty of were pairs of shoes, blue tac and unnecessary medical supplies (plasters, anti fungal cream, rehydration sachets and diarrhoea tablets – all of which were never used).

I have definitely learned from my mistakes and am determined to pack more than four t-shirts this time as I am preparing for my six month stay in Spain. However, because I am travelling with a no-frills airline my hold luggage weight limit is only 15kg. This worries me. 

As I look around my bedroom now and see all the things I have accumulated over the past two years I am filled with emotions and here are some pictures to demonstrate what I am feeling right now:

Nostalgia – when I see where I have been
Excitement – as I see the places I am yet to discover
Regret – should have gone to more fitness classes
Pride – after another year of learning 汉子
Faith – in friendships, love and religion
Patriotic – where my roots and my family are from (Irish flag should also be here)


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