Barcelona airport dejavu

This morning I suffered from a horrible dejavu in Barcelona airport. The first time I flew from Barcelona airport was in December. Me and my mum had been for a few days and in the airport, mum somehow managed to lose her boarding pass after passing through security and before getting to the boarding gate.

When we realised, knowing that Ryanair often are bad towards people and use any excuse to get another £50 out of its customers, I offered to run back through the airport looking for it.

I was running around the duty free section, going back and asking everyone I saw if they had seen a boarding pass, but nobody had. In the end we managed to get a flight assistant to write mum a new boarding pass by hand and we were the last to board the flight.

This morning I flew from Barcelona airport and yet again ended up running around the airport, looking for something I’d lost and ending up a sweaty mess for my flight.

After going through security I quickly scurried off into duty free as I had a pair of tweezers in my flight bag I was glad the guards hadn’t confiscated off me. I had a coffee and a croissant before heading to the queue for boarding. I had plenty of time for my breakfast as the gate was nearby and as I was travelling alone there was no need for me to queue to get a seat near my friends.

When I got in the queue, I looked at my watch and then realised that I didn’t have my bracelet. I wouldn’t have minded but it was a gift from the Chilean friend I made in Madrid. I looked through all my luggage and then remembered that I’d taken it off when going through security. I asked some guys in the queue in front of me to watch my bag whilst I went running through the airport back to security, cursing this maldito aeropuerto.

There was only 15 minutes until my flight took off so I ran all the way back to security and into the first security guard I saw. I bit out of breath from the running I told him how I had lost a white bracelet with the Spanish flag on it. The guard wasn’t in as much as a rush as I was and started to joke saying “well, if its got the Spanish flag on it we simply have to find it, come with me chica”.

He walked around each xray machine asking the staff if they had found it but no luck. Then he went to a table and there was my bracelet! I said yes! That’s my bracelet, that one there. However he still didn’t let me have it until verifying at what time I had lost it exactly (about half an hour ago wasn’t precise enough for him). So after running back through the terminal to the boarding gate with my bracelet safely on my wrist, I saw the guys with my suitcase still at the back of the queue where I was before.

Yet again, after running around Barcelona airport looking for a lost item, I boarded the plane last and hoping that I hadn’t left anything else behind.


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