I’m English I swear!

Ever since I started travelling, at the age of 18, people have always been left bemused at my nationality. Sometimes I find it funny when people try to guess where I’m from, the most popular guesses being Spain, Brazil and Italy. When I tell people I am British, they don’t believe me and start asking where I’m really from.

So I explain that I have roots from Barbados, England and Ireland. Typical responses are

> Wow, the Bahamas, that’s so exotic
> Barbados! That’s where Rihanna is from, you’re so lucky
> In Barbados they speak Spanish right? That’s why you speak Spanish too.

People ask me what life is like is Barbados and are surprised when I tell them that I haven’t been to central America (yet). I actually know very little about Barbados and Ireland, I should probably do some reading about my background.

I like to think of myself as an internationalised Brit. I like greeting people with kisses, am willing to adapt to other cultures and I speak 3 languages. Even so, I am still English at heart with a great respect for our monarchy and our English ways of driving on the left and measuring things (stones, feet and miles).

Despite my curly hair, brown skin and openness to different ways of life I am English*, from England, born in England and a UK citizen. So please consider me as English!

* Sometimes I consider myself as British too, but that is a totally different kettle of fish!


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