Home Comforts – Shops I Miss

When living abroad, despite the obvious things you miss – family, friends, TV, food etc there are also some novelties that you find yourself craving, here is a list of the shops I miss from the UK.

Poundland/ Poundworld/ 99p Stores

As a student, the pound shops in the UK are a Godsend; knowing that you can stock up on sweets, buy stationary, a bottle of shower gel, fancy dress, tins of food, cleaning products and more under one roof is amazing. Even more so when every product is only a pound! Here in the Canary islands no such place exists and the pound shops back at home are perfect when you run out of pens or need a sugar rush.

If I could buy three items from Poundland now they would be: a four pack of KitKat chunkies, a bottle of Orange and Pineapple Robinsons squash and a nice smelling Radox shower gel.


I never appreciated Boots until now, it is a fantastic shop consisting of a pharmacy, make up counters, perfume shop, photo shop, sandwich kiosk and all the rest under one roof. In Spain each of these departments is a separate shop and you’d be lucky to find a street that has a winning combination of one of each of those shops, never mind everything in one store. The Advantage Card offers and points are great and don’t get me started on the meal deal! Their range of products is great too with eco friendly items and many specialist ranges for different types of people.

If I could buy three items from Boots now they would be: a decent concealer, Olay Gentle Face Wash and a meal deal (this definitely counts as one product) of a Southern Fried Chicken Wrap, a big bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble and an Innocent Smoothie. 


This shoe shop is my favourite as I find it has the largest collection of half-sized shoes for halfies like me. The prices are also very good and their sales make the shoes even cheaper. I know that in Deichmann I will find a pair of shoes that fit me well and won’t cause blisters, shoe shopping in Spain has been more problematic (especially when people don’t serve you, see my previous post https://leonahinds.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/can-i-be-of-service/).

If I could buy three items from Deichmann now they would be: a pair of smart black flats, a pair of ankle high wedged boots for rainy days and another pair of my famous plastic shoes, in red.


Spanish people don’t seem to be big on savoury pastries, there are bakeries around including in the supermarkets but I find that the produce doesn’t seem very fresh and nothing is warm and served by a friendly lady in a hair net. I do love to eat a good snack from Greggs whilst window shopping and sometimes when I’m walking around the city centre here I want something similar but there is nada!

If I could have three items from Greggs right now, they would be a standard sausage roll, a vegetable pasty and some kind of Halloween biscuit which I’m sure is on the menu right now (if not then I choose a gingerbread man).


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