Knock knock! Who’s there? Amos

A mosquito! bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


For a few years now I have been prone to insect bites that I am allergic too. I have been bitten and ended up with huge swollen circles on my elbows, ankles and wrists. On Sunday night I went with a friend of mine to a viewpoint above the city to watch the two cruise ships leaving the port. It was a great view, but we spent a lot of the time squirming, wriggling and slapping ourselves as the mosquitoes (or whatever insects they were) were biting us. When I got home I put Afterbite on the few bites I could see and went to bed.

On Monday I woke up and my once beautiful tanned, toned legs were covered in red bites, twelve on one leg and eight on the other. I also felt that my back was itchy, so at midday and before bed I took antihistamine tablets. They are quite strong and normally take away the redness and inflammation straight away. But this morning (Tuesday) I woke up with more bites and the ones from Sunday still hadn’t gone down. It was time to give in and go to see the doctor.

Going to the doctors in a different country is always an experience, I would have liked to have taken a friend with me to help me, laugh with me and experience the whole situation. In other overseas doctors surgeries I have witnessed injections in the bum, an unspoken queuing system where whoever runs to the door quickest is the next to be seen, a doctor greeting the patient with a kiss and even a doctor asking the patient to take off their clothes! It’s just better to go accompanied with a friend and not be alone when these types of things happen. But I went in the morning I didn’t have anybody to come with me. Boo hoo!

In the small doctors surgery there is no A&E service in the morning, only in the afternoon after 5pm but I went in the morning at 8.30am before the doctors arrived at 9am. I gave over my E111 and drivers licence (I didn’t think to take my passport) and asked to see a doctor for my insect bites. The receptionists spent a long time looking for me on the computers, but with no success as here I don’t have a doctor and I haven’t been to the centre before. They spent ages talking between themselves about what to do and in the end sent me upstairs to “room 8” to be seen whilst they kept my E111 and ID.

Upstairs I looked for room 8 but couldn’t find it. Another man helped me look for it and the door numbers stopped at 7. Great. I was in a random doctors surgery, I hadn’t cleaned my hands with alcohol gel with no idea which doctor I was meant to be seeing and thirty itchy bites. We found it in the end and the doctor came out to call me into his room. We started talking about my bites and I showed him my leg when BOOM a receptionist stormed in the room…here is the conversation more or less:

Receptionist: STOP you can’t treat her until we see her passport, she’s not on the system, she doesn’t exist.
Doctor: What are you saying? She’s already here in my office and this señorita needs seeing to.
Me: I can go home and get my passport if you want? It’s not a problem but I live on the other side of the city, near the jail.
Doctor: What street? I live over that way too, we’re neighbours!
Receptionist: But look, she’s not registered on the computer you can’t possibly give her any treatment.
Doctor: Well you’re the one who’s messed up and sent her here. Ok she hasn’t got all the paperwork at the moment but it’s not my problem. She’s standing here in the middle of a consultation. I’m going to continue now, close the door on your way out.
Receptionist: Fine, but after you’ve seen the doctor, pass by reception and we’ll talk about your documents. Here’s your cards.
– Receptionist leaves –
Doctor: When you’ve finished here just walk out the front door, these fools don’t know what they’re talking about if you gave your E111 and ID that’s all that counts. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Do you understand me? *Cheeky wink* 

After being told to ignore the receptionists, what clothes to wear, food not to eat and explaining the different medicines he was going to give me I was ushered to a nurses room where I was given an injection….in the bum. Hopefully my bites will soon go down, disappear, not get infected and not leave scars on my legs or back. I want to get back to normal life and stop itching!!!


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