We are British, We are Different

In Britain, we are very different to our European neighbours. Over centuries we have developed our culture to show this to the world in our own special way. Here is a list of things that we do differently in the UK, often without even realising we are being so different to the rest of the world.

  • Firstly, we have a complicated 4 in 1 situation going on in regards to our country/ies and there are still many issues and disagreements between the four nations

    What am I?
    What am I?
  • Driving on the left hand side of the road – here is a page with a colour coded map to show which other countries drive on the left like us…and a list for those of you that don’t like maps http://www.worldstandards.eu/cars/list-of-left-driving-countries/
  • The imperial system:
  1. We measure haircuts in inches, long distances in yards or miles and our height in feet (but a horse’s height is measured in hands)
  2. Our milk comes in pints as does our beer (it’s actually illegal to sell draught beer and cider in metric units)
  3. We weigh using ounces, stones or pounds…
  4. The pound! Our currency is the pound, with one pound being 100 pence, none of that euro nonsense for us!
  • We often can’t decide what measurement system to use, as sugar comes in kilogram bags, the sprint won by Bolt at the 2012 Olympics was the 100m (rather than the 109 yards) and a can of coke is 330ml

    Oh yes
    Oh yes
  • For women, our clothes sizes start at 4 and go up in multiples of 2. In Europe a size 10 is a 38 (I think men are S, M, L everywhere)
  • Our shoe sizes are also different, a size 6 being a 40 overseas – making the whole “Act your age, not your shoe size joke” totally unfunny anywhere else but the UK
  • Mealtimes – we eat our main meal of the day in the evening at 6pm, uncommon as other countries eat a big meal at midday instead
  • The spines of our books are the other way around. I like to tilt my head to the right when browsing titles so was forced to turn my Spanish books upside down (notice how the numbers are upside down on the Isabel Allende books in the centre)

    Which way is the right way?
    Which way is the right way?
  • Our plug sockets are three pronged, we don’t want no two pronged Europlug! But then again….

    You got that right!
    You got that right!
  • Our constitutional monarchy, ie. The Queen! A favourite of mine, we are one of only 35 countries in the world that have this system and Liz is admired all over the world

    Queen Elizabeth II
    Queen Elizabeth II

That sums up some of the main ways that us Brits like to do things differently. If there is anything I’ve missed please let me know! Leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “We are British, We are Different

  1. Eric

    “what am I ?” hahaha it has become a thing to read your posts. This one remind me of how different is this whole culture I live in. Can’t wait for the next one!

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