Things to do on a megabus

Us students love cheap travel and megabus is brilliant for that. I’m currently on a £3 bus from Coventry to Manchester. So here is a list of things you can do to pass the time on a megabus (or any other bus company).

* Read a book/magazine
* Eat (don’t drink though as bus toilets are never nice)
* Facebook/ twitter/ snapchat etc (megabus has free wifi and plug sockets which is perfect for phones and tablets)
* Enjoy the views of British countryside
* Look out for different farm animals, extra cute points if you spot llamas or baby animals
* Wave to lorry drivers
* Sleep!!
* Listen to music
* Study (I spent 30mins practicing Chinese characters)

* Chat on the phone (everybody will listen to you though)
* Chat to the hotty you’re sitting next to
* Contemplate how they make profits with such cheap fares (what’s the catch?)
* Fidget to try find a comfy position
* Update your blog 😉

Any other suggestions? Comment below!


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