Bollywood Movies

Although I am not a big ‘film person’ I do like a good Bollywood movie. I have seen several during my time here in India, Bodyguard, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Jai ho! and Gunday. The themes have been different and so have the characters and songs but there are some features that almost always appear in a Bollywood movie. Tomorrow I am going to see Highway (a video of the trailer is below) and this is what I expect.

  • Huge dances
    Chammak Challo
    * hold Ctrl and click to open the video in a new window

    The dances are choreographed amazingly, with so many people I am always amazed. You just have to watch the video above to experience it, I really like the songs. Watch out for the original dance moves, Salman Khan especially who does funny things, like the pocket move or the belt twist.
  •  Fights
    Boom boom pow*
    hold Ctrl and click to open the video in a new window

There are now more and more fight scenes in Indian cinema, some can be very violent, but as bad guys are thrown through the glass of a penny machine at an arcade, sometimes you just have to laugh at how outrageous the stunts are.

  •  Muscles
    Of course, it’s always the most ripped, most muscly guy who wins in the end.


  • Beautiful women in beautiful clothes

There is always a love story of some sort in a Bollywood movie. Indian actresses are stunning and in the Bollywood movies they can flaunt sarees, skirts, dresses, the lot. I’ve been in awe of some of the costumes, especially the scenes in Gunday with Priyanka Chopra in the Calcutta desert.

  • A wedding

Marriage is a very important part of Indian culture so it is only normal to see a big lavish Indian wedding or part of the celebrations in a Bollywood movie. The bride will be the girl wearing the most bling in the room, with gold on her head, wrists, ears and neck. There will be tons of guests, food, colours and dancing.

  • Holi

    One of India’s biggest and brightest festivals is often featured in Bollywood movies, thousands of people in the streets drinking, dancing and throwing coloured powder over each other.

  • Revenge/Betrayal

Normally there is a twist somewhere in the movie, which comes in the form of revenge or betrayal. Whether it be two best friends falling out over a girl which they both like or the son of the rich businessman that was killed in the first fight coming back to avenge his father’s death. Be prepared for old characters to come back and for people to stab others in the back.
Not to mention beautiful scenes of India, great feel good songs and also an interval mid film to go to the toilet and get some snacks! See the trailer for Highway by clicking here. I am very excited!!! I will be seeing it in one of the malls in New Delhi tomorrow.

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