Gifts from the East

My Chinese friends are so kind to me, not only do we have a good time together but they also help me with my Chinese and give me gifts. It was yesterday when I realised the strange collection of gifts I’ve collected over the past couple of months here, I’ve also included the gifts from my Indian friends.


Going from top to bottom:

  • An Indian map
  • A clay figurine of a character from 京剧, Beijing Opera
  • A small potted plant which I’m taking very good care of
  • A world map – this is from India and my Chinese friends are shocked when they see that Taiwan is classed as an independent country
  • Postcards of Xi’an and different buildings on Qingdao University campus
  • A campus map
  • Qingdao University playing cards
  • Book of commemorative stamps and stories about good children


  • Gold and pink flower necklace and matching earrings (India)
  • Another pair of silver flowery earrings from my friend’s sister, I loved the unique design but there was no time to go shopping so she took them out and gave them to me (India)
  • An elephant statue (India)
  • A shrimp sweet (even though I’m allergic)
  • Chinese tea, green and red
  • Two homemade juggling cubes
  • A pair of insoles
  • Stolen hotel jams and butter.

Also not in the picture (as I’ve already eaten them):

  • A goody bag from the bakery of cakes to nibble on
  • A whole watermelon
  • Left over meat – see here
  • A bag of peanuts (apparently special because they came from his brother’s wedding but there was nothing that special about them)
  • A bag of fresh strawberries
  • Yoghurts… so many Chinese people give me yoghurts (not necessarily cold).

What about you? Have you ever received an unusual gift from an Asian friend? Which of my gifts do you like the most? Comment below.


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