Little Things That Brighten a Chinese Day

Living in China isn’t easy. I could write a huge post about all the dirty, disgusting and dangerous things I’ve seen happen here but not today. Here’s a list of some simple thing that make a day in China a little bit brighter.

  • Saying something to a Chinese person and them understanding you the first time
  • Boneless chunks of meat
  • Being able to read and understand street signs
  • The weather being good and your teacher playing a movie or Chinese TV instead of class
  • S.H.E songs on the radio
  • Crispy 1¥ notes
  • Getting a seat on the bus for the whole journey
  • New sets of animated stickers on Wechat
  • When there’s a blue sky and sunshine
  • Making new Chinese friends, especially the excited type who start planning all the cool things you’re going to do together
  • When the green peppers in your dish are actually green peppers and not chilli peppers
  • Only 30 seconds of Youku adverts instead of 60
  • Hot rice
  • When the price is so low there’s no need to bargain
  • When there’s toilet paper inside the cubicle and hand soap in public toilets.

Are you living in China? What brightens your day? Leave a comment below.


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