My Chinese Bucket List – the things I did and didn’t do

As China is so far away and such a different country, I had a mental bucket list of things I wanted to do whilst I was here, this is the first time it’s been properly documented.

The things I did (in the order I remember them)

  • See the panda bears in Sichuan province
  • Buy plenty of tacky panda merchandise – I’ve got two panda t-shirts, a passport holder and a luggage tag, not too outrageous
    Panda love
  • Take an overnight sleeper train

Window with a view

  • Climb the Great Wall


  • Go to KTV
  • Eat chicken feet
  • Go for a swim in the Yellow Sea
  • Buy a cheongsam (it doesn’t fit but I still bought one)
  • Go to visit the Chinese countryside
  • Use chopsticks at least once a day
  • Visit Coventry’s Chinese sister city Jinan
  • Climb a couple of mountains
    Emei Mountain

  • Drink Chinese tea
    Tea pots and cups

  • Watch Chinese TV
  • See Chinese city lights at night

The things I didn’t do (or haven’t done yet?)

  • Swim in the famous water cube pool where Phelps won eight golds
    Water Cube
  • Take a boat trip on the Yangtse/Yellow river
  • See a Chinese movie in the cinema with no English subtitles
  • Study a martial art or calligraphy
  • See the sunrise
  • Watch a regional Chinese opera

To be continued/updated….I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten.

*Next stop Thailand.


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