Thai Fever

I arrived in Thailand after a long day of travelling. One of my flights was delayed so I changed to an earlier flight that only had “an hour” (it was then delayed by an hour so there was no need for me to be running around the airport) before takeoff. Then when I got to Shanghai, my flight was delayed again by three hours so I arrived in Bangkok about 1am. One of the first things I noticed as we were driving from the airport to my friend’s house was the lack of bright red flashing lights on buildings and adverts on the side of the road. It all seemed very dark compared to the Chinese displays I had gotten used to.

On my first day, me and my friend Cash went to a shopping mall for lunch. People didn’t care that I was foreign, nobody stared at me either…infact I was doing more staring as Cash told me to look out for ladyboys, not as in they’re dangerous, just see if I can spot any.


Then we went to JJ market, full of all sorts of things – clothes, souvenirs, shoes, jewellery, incense, furniture, paintings and street music. It was such a calm market in comparison to China where people are bargaining with each other, spitting on the floor or shouting “Hello looka look” at foreigners. The exception to the tranquility is the guy I bought a coconut off who as he hacked away shouted “HAA HAA HAA. COCONUT”.


It’s safe to say I’m enjoying Thailand after the two days I’ve been here…except for one thing and that’s my Thai fever.

Since I’ve arrived, I have been nonstop sneezing and have had a runny, itchy nose. I’ve ruled out a cold as my glands aren’t swollen and I haven’t really had one in Asia; also if it were a cold, I’ve never had such a sneezy one. My theory is that it’s because of all the aircon in Thailand. It’s a hot country all year round so in shops, at home, in the car they always have the aircon on and I’m not used to it. But my friends family quickly diagnosed me with a weather allergy and at dinner made me take some unknown medicine to stop me sneezing. Maybe they’re referring to some type of hayfever but I’m uncertain what being allergic to the weather means. Can someone explain this to me? I remember I was also diagnosed by a friend in Chile with a sun allergy when I had a rash on my face once. Maybe its interlinked and because I have curly hair* I have all these allergies but I still think Thailand should turn off its aircon for a bit.

*Once on the bus in China an old lady asked if my hair was naturally curly, I said yes and she told me I should be careful as curly haired people can very easily develop allergies. I told her I was allergic to prawns and my sister to egg so she replied “See it must be true, my friend told me yesterday.”


2 thoughts on “Thai Fever

  1. “I told her I was allergic to prawns and my sister to egg so she replied ‘See it must be true, my friend told me yesterday.'” Awesome. love this. 😀

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