Sisterly Love?

Whilst being away in China some of my toiletries ran out and not all of the Chinese versions were suitable for me, the shampoos were for straight hair, the body creams all had whitening elements in them and there was no point even looking or foundation as my skin tone was off the Asian scale. So I was very excited to come back to England and be able to buy products I know and like without having to decipher the label trying to see if there’s any bleaching agents inside.

There’s a Dove leave-in conditioner that I love, it smells gorgeous and is a quick way to add moisture to my often straw-like hair. I usually wash my hair only twice a week, Wednesdays and then once at the weekend. Today was hair washing day, like any other Wednesday. Normally I comb my hair when I’m in the shower but today I didn’t so planned to put on my conditioner and that would make it easy to comb my hair. I had used it last night before going out so looked in my under the bed toiletries box only to find it wasn’t there. I’d definitely put it there the night before but it was missing. Also my new dry shampoo and pink hair lotion had also disappeared.

As I’m starting to pack my things for uni, I looked in my packed boxes but they weren’t there. They weren’t in my chest of drawers, on my shelves on in the bathroom. I knew last night I’d definitely put them back in the box but they weren’t there now and my hair was starting to dry which would make it even harder to comb through. I started getting frustrated and looked in my darling sister’s room as she likes to use my hair things but I still couldn’t find them. I combed my hair but without the conditioner it went all frizzy and felt dry and brittle, my favourite.

I continued to look around the house but couldn’t find it. I got angry with myself and started to clean the bathroom singing to Beyonce to calm me down.


My hair was also this big

So after not finding it I gave up and thought my sister would know when she came back from school.

She came back very jolly and I asked her if she’d seen my things as we together were the last people to see them and now they’d disappeared. She denied she’d seen, had or used them and said I must have misplaced them. She helped me look in my room and the bathroom, looking in every box and cupboard with no luck.

She went back downstairs and I went down after her, complaining that she wasn’t helping me find my things and I told her I thought she’d taken them. She said she hadn’t taken them and then we had another one of our sister arguments, her saying that she has makeup that disappears but she doesn’t go on about it like I am. And that my things cost £10 but there are more out there and it’s not the end of the world. I told her it was very important to me as I’m going out tonight and want nice hair, she called me vain and big headed, etc etc. This argument lasted 45 minutes before I decided to go have a cup of tea.

All afternoon I hadn’t looked downstairs as I never do my hair downstairs. I don’t know what made me look my the bookcase, but there underneath the little table was a little basket with all my hair products in. I looked over at Natalie and she had a cheeky grin on her face, she’d hidden them from me and knew they were there the whole time. I asked her to admit she did it and she did, saying the reason she did it was to see how angry I’d get. I was just so shocked she’d do something so cruel to me, making me waste hours of my day looking for them and then arguing with her. As a punishment I made her make me a cup of tea but maybe this wasn’t harsh enough. What do you think? Has your little sister ever done something like this to you?


One thought on “Sisterly Love?

  1. Nick Stott

    No, but my daughter, whom you know very well! Often uses my things without asking but I usually find them in her room. I was caught short in the gym though with no deodorant, not a sweet smelling day at work !!

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