Final Year, Freshers Week

It’s my final year at university and this has been my first few days back on campus since leaving in June 2013 for my year abroad. It’s really surreal being back, it feels like I’ve been away forever yet never left at the same time.

No clue

Firstly, I felt like a fresher again. I have a timetable of introductory lectures and welcome meetings dotted across campus. I couldn’t remember where the Pope building was or how long it would take to get there so I arrived a little late to the first meeting about Lengua III. I remember in first year it took me about 20 minutes to find the hopper bus to get from Jubilee to Uni Park, then I had to wait for another 15 minutes as a full hopper bus had just left. I was worried I’d get some kind of detention for arriving late but when I turned up they gave me some sheets and it was fine.

As I’ve moved house this year I’ve also been trying to figure out the quickest way to university as there are about four different routes I can take. The first time I tried to cut through the hospital I got very lost to a point where I was stopped by three doctors in white coats asking me where I was going. They also didn’t know how to get to the medical school so I spent fifteen minutes trying to find the bridge that crosses over the ring road to Uni Park.

I went to Freshers Fayre a couple of times to pick up some sweets, pens and freebies but they weren’t as good as my first year. The best freebie I got was probably a £5 bus card, oh and the baa bar chemistry style shot glass isn’t bad either. But there were no highlighters, stress balls or chocolate…or maybe I went too late and others had already taken all the good things.

As usual I talked to loads of societies and have signed up to the mailing list of about fifteen societies – Omani, Mexican, Hispanic, Flair, Indian Dance, Asian, Food, Contemporary China, Triathlon, Impact Magazine, Stop Aids, Taiwan, Pub Quiz, Feminists, Womens Network, Capoeira, CSSA, Buddhist, East African, ABACUS and Belly Dance…oh wait that’s twenty one societies. We’ll see after the first month how many I actually join and pay the membership of. I think I’ll be really busy this year, but I was in second year and I still managed to get everything done that I wanted. Maybe I’m taking on too much but I’d rather join lots of societies and have the option to drop in and out and do different things each week rather than just go to one society every week and have no variety in my social life.

My first exam is already in the diary and it’s Spanish Grammar. I’m a little nervous as I haven’t been speaking Spanish for a while but I live with a Mexican and a Spaniard this year so I can practice at home. I’ve found though that when I talk about China in Spanish, Chinese words automatically come to my mind and jump at me like a pop up advert making it hard to concentrate on speaking Spanish. But if I speak about Spain in Chinese there’s no problem there…I’ll have to work on that over the next few weeks.


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