Final Year Mistakes

Despite only being back at university for nine days, I already have made some mistakes that I want to post now so I can rectify them over this coming year:

  • Joining too many societies
    I’ve signed up to over twenty societies and they’re not all related to each other. So this week they are all arranging meet and greet sessions and first socials but I cannot attend all of them. I’ve already had to ‘decline’ over ten Facebook invitations to events and this will only continue if I buy membership to all these societies.
  • Having a messy bedroom
    Sorry Mum, but my room is a mess. It would probably take me less than ten minutes to take my clothes from my floordrobe to my wardrobe and sort out the bag full of leaflets from Freshers Fair but I don’t have the time/energy.

  • Spontaneous food shopping
    I’ve been shopping without a proper list or idea what I want to cook/eat, so I’d come back and empty my bags to find I’d spent £8 on vinegar, rice, stock cubes, soy sauce, yoghurts and ice cream (cos it was on offer). I’d like to see the guys on Ready Steady Cook make a meal out of that!
  • Putting my treat box on my desk
    This means when I’m working, I know that inside the pretty box (that matches my pen pot from Wilkinsons) there are were lots of Kit Kats (of course chunky and regular and cookies and cream), Wispa bites and other Cadbury’s goodies.

    Treat Box!
    Treat Box!

These things I think I can change and some lessons have already been learnt from these mistakes of mine. Have you made any mistakes while at university? Comment below!


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