Pitbull – My Guilty Pleasure

Pitbull is one of my musical guilty pleasures, along with Jedward and others that I won’t mention. He’s one of those artists who I know I should despise as his lyrics and videos are always outrageous, yet when I hear one of his songs, my head starts moving, my foot taps to the rhythm and I just want to get up and dance.

Mr Worldwide

His lyrics are often questioned, criticised and featured in those Top 10 Worst Lyrics of All Time lists and I do agree that when I’ve stopped to actually listen to what he’s singing/rapping about, it either:

  • makes no sense at all and is just a list of words
    Big news, Pitbull, Tom Cruise, Mumbai – Get It Started
  • him talking about women’s bodies
    Mami got an ass like a donkey with a monkey/Look like King Kong – I Know You Want Me
  • him making statements about himself with strange metaphors
    I’m slicker than an oil spill/She say she won’t, but I bet she will – Timber
  • him saying how he is like (enter famous person here)* these are my favourite types of Pitbull lyrics
    I’m like Moses/ I split the red sea – Party Ain’t Over
    I’m like Bon Jovi/I’m wanted – Exotic
    I have em like Miley Cyrus/Clothes off – Timber
    I got it locked up like Lindsey Lohan – Give Me Everything
  • sexual innuendos
    I’ll be the plumber tonight/I’ll check your pipes – Hotel Room Service

But why can’t I stop listening to his music? The rhythm is intoxicating to me and the use of different sounds and instruments brings a different vibe to other music I listen to that has a similar beat.

This is a problem, as I’m torn between my mind and my body, my mind tells me I shouldn’t listen to this music which degrades women and is pointless words thrown together by an arrogant ex-drug dealer. Yet my body starts dancing when I hear his songs and the music makes me happy. Maybe it’s because many of his songs include samples of other songs, maybe its because I like upbeat music but I think this is a problem the whole world is facing (not Pitbull as an individual). These songs that have upbeat melodies and that are good to listen to are often ruined by stupid or inappropriate lyrics, such as the Blurred Lines scandal two years ago. When young children sing these songs and don’t know what they’re singing about, how can you tell them to stop?

From the looks of things, Pitbull won’t change the type of lyrics he writes, his latest song, Fireball is not free of lyrics about a named girl and her body

I gave Suzie a little pat up on the booty/And she turned around and said/Walk this way

If I were Suzie and Mr Worldwide had touched my booty I would have turned around and told him where to go, and it wouldn’t have been “this way”. But again, I find my feet tapping away when I hear it and the video is more artistic than others of his.

What also irritates me is how famous Pitbull is, everybody who’s anybody in the music industry seems to have made a song with him, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Akon to name a few. He produces hits that sell and when top names are collaborating with him, it’s one of those if you can’t fight them, join them situations.

Should I continue to listen to Pitbull? Do you like him and/or his music? I’d love to hear from you.


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