A Pair of Pandas

In this new section of my blog, I’ll be telling you some of the stories behind my earrings. What’s so interesting about earrings you might ask? Well, I have over 89 complete dangly pairs hung on my bird cage earring holder and more studs and loose ones in jewellery boxes that have been damaged or lost along the way. I remember where I bought each pair/ who gave me each pair and I’m sure that each of them has a story to tell. You’ll also hopefully see how although expansive, my earring collection isn’t actually worth that much as I rarely spend over £1 on a pair.

So I’ll start with the pair I was wearing today, my pandas.


Bought in: Bangkok, Thailand
Cost price: 11 baht (approx 21p)

After quickly looking on google, I couldn’t find the name for a collective group of pandas. I came across several possibilities, a sleuth, a bamboo, a fix and even an embarrassment. Since pandas don’t usually hang out in groups I guess that’s the reason there’s no definitive name. If a panda specialist is reading this, please let me know the English name for a group of pandas.

Anyway, this pair was bought in Thailand, at a market stall where I bought about seven other pairs as they were so cheap. Obviously, pandas are China’s national treasure and the largest wild population of pandas is currently in western China’s Sichuan province. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll remember that seeing the pandas was at the top of my Chinese bucket list. Ever since seeing them on a segment of BBC’s Wild China many, many years ago, I was fascinated.

Then, since watching the clip below, I just have always had this image that pandas are little people dressed in costumes, just messing around. When I got to go to the Chengdu panda base, I saw them running around, sitting lazily on the deck munching bamboo and even one that took a bath. They just didn’t seem like the great creatures I’d always thought they were. As they are called “giant panda bears”, I expected them to be larger than a gorilla, yet smaller than a baby elephant and I was wrong, really wrong. I’m probably taller than a panda. I can’t put into words the actual size of a panda, even after spending three hours watching them. They’re just not so giant as their name makes out to be.

In China, I looked for panda earrings but didn’t find any so I was really pleased to find this pair in Thailand, where there is also a small wild panda population in the north. So these earrings remind me of the morning spent at the panda base, the fulfilment of one of my dreams and also those cute and adorably dumb animals that are pandas. Although, they’re clever enough to fake pregnancies for more food, so maybe not so dumb after all!



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