Shells from the Pacific

Here is a pair of earrings I bought at Easter in 2011.


Bought in: Chiloé, Chile
Cost price: Can’t remember

Chiloé is a mystical island in Chile. It’s home to many myths and legends about merpeople, magical creatures and spells they cast on the islanders. In one of the island’s local markets, hosting a wide range of local crafts – woodwork, knitted items, jewellery etc, I spotted a stall with jewellery made from the washed up shells on the island. I really liked how none of the pairs of earrings were identical, each shell having a slightly different shape or colouring.

If I wear these earrings on a windy day, the wind rushes through the shell at the bottom and makes a whistling sound. It reminds me of the mystical island where I came across these earrings. It is also a place where a mystery of my own was left unsolved.


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