My Year is Coming

February 19 will see us enter a new Chinese zodiac year, the year of the Ram. It’s my year and for the first time, I started to have a look at what Chinese astrology the internet has to say about us Rams/Goats/Sheep (there is confusion over the English translation as there is no differentiation between sheep, goats, rams, mares, lambs etc with the Chinese word 羊).

I googled year of the ram and opened up the first few results to see what they had to say about us rams. I’ve never really thought to look into my Chinese animal sign before so was curious as to what my year of birth has to do with my personality and lifestyle. Some things were surprisingly accurate:

  • happy to set off on journeys and see the world
  • impossible to force them to do something they don’t want to to
  • they will pay no attention to pursuers who they have no interest in.

I was starting to believe that maybe this was true and through studying more about rams, I could learn how best to develop as a person, until I came across some things which were definitely not like me at all:

  • fond of children and pets
  • ugly things will depress goats
  • creative and artistically talented.

There is a Chinese saying 十羊九不全 which means that only one in every ten rams will find true happiness. So the odds are set against me. I also came across an article which said how last year Chinese couples were rushing to conceive so that their child would not be born a sheep as it is one of the less favoured animals.

Sheep are meek creatures, raised for nothing more than slaughter. – Washington Post

But it’s too late to change my sign now, so what advice did the internet give for us sheeps this new year? The advice was priceless and I will surely stick to each of the points below:

  • Keep away from sharp tools and weapons such as knives, saws, scissors etc as you are likely to have a physical injury
  • Play sports to stay healthy
  • Avoid greasy food to have a healthy body
  • Give blood and clean your teeth regularly to avert physical injuries and psychological problems.

Although some of these things ring true to me, astrology and horoscopes have never been of too much interest to me. I don’t believe that every person in the world born within a certain time frame will have the same characteristics, likes and health concerns. I think there are a lot of coincidental incidents and similarities between people, regardless of birthday. So am I really disheartened to be a goat that is set up for a lifetime of failed marriages, unhappy family and bad luck? Not really. But it was definitely interesting to read about!

Happy Year of the Ram! 2015

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