28 Day Squat Challenge – 6 Days In

Me and my friend signed up to a February 28 day squat challenge on Facebook. There are so many fitness challenges around these days, all you need to do is to google any type of exercise and add the word challenge and you’ll have many results – press up challenge, sit up challenge, lunge challenge, yoga challenge, burpees challenge etc. Although anyone attempting the latter one is absolutely crazy, going from 5 to 100 in 30 days is extreme!

I’ve been quite sceptical about all of these challenges that are out there, they put pressure on people to go beyond their normal fitness routines and I’m worried that people may go beyond their boundaries to finish the challenge, possibly putting their health at risk as there is not a lot of recovery time and each days more reps are added. So make sure you’re in good health and are comfortable with the exercise before you embark on one of the challenges. I’d love to do a 30 day yoga challenge, but looking at the diagrams I have no idea how to get myself into 80% of those positions and I wouldn’t want to risk hurting myself, so won’t do that one just yet. But I know I can squat and decided to take on the challenge to tone up my lower body.

Because me and my friend are hardcore and too excited to wait until February to start, we started it last Saturday so today is my 6th day. I started with 50 reps, adding 5 reps each day with a rest day every 3 or 4 days. The first day after those 50 reps I just wanted to crawl into my bed and never move again. I’d never done so many in a row and although it wasn’t painful whilst squatting, when I stopped and started to move around, my thighs were tight, but wobbly at the same time.

The following day, I did the 55 reps and stupidly, I went downstairs to go get a drink straight after. Wrong decision! Walking down the three flights of steps from my bedroom to the kitchen was so painful. I had to take tentative steps and it felt like last May when I was walking down who knows how many thousand steps from the summit of Taishan to the bottom. After the initial feeling of strength and power, I suddenly felt weak and helpless as I struggled down the stairs.

True story

Then I realised that after squatting, I should probably stretch my thighs and quads out longer than I had been, to prevent some of this pain. This has worked better over the last couple of days and going downstairs after squats hasn’t been too bad. Today I’ve got 70 reps to do and I’ll do them after a set of sun salutations, fitness gurus, let me know if this is the right or wrong way to do them as I have no idea. The challenge just tells you how many reps to do each day, it doesn’t specify when and where to do them which is a bit of a downside for inexperienced challengees.

I’ll post again when the challenge is coming to an end (the finish date is Valentine’s Day) and by that time I should be squatting 200 reps a day. Are you participating in any fitness challenges, do you recommend any for me? Leave a comment below!

Rhetorical question

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