Year 4, Semester 2, Week 1

I’ve been back in Nottingham for about three weeks now, although classes only started this week as the previous two were for exams and coursework submissions. I expected this first week back to be a breeze (no Chinese classes and time off some other modules to read key texts) but it was really difficult and I’m a bit nervous about this semester that’s just started.

Am I? Of course not!

I’ve already been in the library 3/4 days this week (although one of those times was just to watch Frozen, I’ll admit…it was the first time I saw it and it was amazing, hence the images) and there is a lot of preparatory work to be done for next week’s Spanish classes. Although I now have Fridays off uni, tomorrow I still have lots of things to do before I go in to collect my results and try belly dancing (it won’t be a regular thing, I simply don’t have enough hours to join any more societies unfortunately!).

This will be a difficult semester, I know I have to focus, get my head in the books and work hard to get the grades I want. But with so many “after school activities”, I’m really going to have to manage my time to fit those hours of self study in. I’m a member of about 7 societies at uni, but only regularly attend two as the others clash with my other commitments like volunteering and triathlon training. I really want to do well at uni and at the same time I really want to be involved in sports, language exchanges and meals out.

Despite how busy I am, and the amount of things that are on my to do list – job applications, uni work, training, yoga, reading, cleaning etc, every day, I still wake up eager to get my things done and am ready for the challenges that await me that day. My hair usually looks like Anna’s too, and there’s something about her expression in this still that captures eagerness and excitement. I’m very eager to get involved, succeed and complete my goals this year. Are you?

Me, most mornings

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