28 Day Squat Challenge – I Gave Up

You may have read my previous post about the 28 day squat challenge that me and Kanika were taking on and starting early in January. Well, less than half way through, we had both given up! I’m not usually a person to give up when I’ve set my mind to something and accepted a challenge, but on the 14th day when the reps shot up from 110 to 130, I couldn’t bring myself to do them.

The 770 squats I did as part of the challenge didn’t really make any positive change to my body or how I felt. After squatting, my thighs were exhausted for the rest of the evening and walking down stairs was just torture. I didn’t want to put myself through any more of that pain and I realised that there are other parts of my body that I want to focus on to give me more strength and flexibility. I’m going to stick to yoga and my usual fitness routine, rather than these challenges.

Me and several of my friends have made pledges to have abs by graduation (you know who you are!!), which is only a few months away. I don’t think the squat challenge is any good for achieving this but it’s still a fitness goal that I want to reach sooner rather than later.

When back home in Coventry, me and my friends who loved (and still love) JLS, like nothing more than to recreate Marvin’s cheeky shirt lift in the club, as seen in the video below (skip to 2.11). So having a good set of abs makes it look even better. Who knows, maybe JLS will see it online somewhere and come find us, marry us and make our teenage dreams come true.


Anyway, I think these exercise and fitness challenges are a good idea to get people moving and more concious of the exercise they’re doing, but I don’t judge anyone for starting one and quitting halfway through like I did. As I’m in the triathlon team, doing time trials last night and knowing my 200m and 400m times is much more important than me being able to do 200 squats which was the end goal of the challenge.


One thought on “28 Day Squat Challenge – I Gave Up

  1. I believe in you and your abs! I’ve been on the search of abs for over a year now and though they are rock hard and there on the occasional clean eat low bloat day I realize that for me aesthetics is great but it isn’t everything. I hope you achieve your goal and as you continue down that path I’ll be attempting to complete a whole month of blogilates!

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