They’re the kind of thing you can buy in gift shops, card shops, book shops, markets and you can even make your own at home. I think they make the best presents as they’re light, simple, effective, cheap and easy to keep for a long time as they’re usually sat in between the pages of a book on the shelf. When I came back from Asia, I bought many bookmarks to give to my family, friends and myself.

I have lots of bookmarks and I didn’t realise it until recently. They are the kind of thing that I find when cleaning out a drawer or looking through my bookshelf. I have bookmarks from several countries and many have been presents from people I love dearly. They are small, but all intricate in their design or choice of words, a few even have my name on them.

An on-point bookmark
An on-point bookmark

I’m the type of person who reads a couple of books at the same time, I’m also awful for starting books, getting to a certain point and getting either bored of that book or interested in another one. I have bookmarks keeping my pages in the books White Teeth, Roots and a couple of others at home that I don’t know when I’ll get around to finishing. But it’s nice to know that those bookmarks will be keeping my place for when I do decide to go back and finish those books.

One thing I don’t like about reading (this applies to rented books from the library or second hand books from charity shops) is when you get a book where the corners of the pages have been folded over. Who are these people that don’t have bookmarks? I think they’re missing out on that little reminder of a friend, memory, place or time which a glance at the bookmark gives you when you reopen the book to pick up reading again.


One thought on “Bookmarks

  1. I have a billion cute bookmarks that I have received as gifts or tried to make myself, but I never end up using them! If I get a book from the library, I usually just use the receipt or the little handouts they put in the books. Or I use sticky notes… but I always look at them whenever I hit up the bookstore!

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