Communal Showering

After exercising, I like to take a shower. We all do right?

Usually, I swim for exercise, so just shower in my swimming costume at the pool, but this year I’ve started to go to the gym more, to run on the treadmill and use the exercise bikes. Although my house is quite close to the gym, its still an extra 15 minutes to walk there and back to take a shower so I prefer to take one there. There’s just one issue though.

The showers are communal.

The showers are communal.

Here are the three stages I’ve been through.

1. Refusal

At first, I refused to shower at the gym. There was no way I was stripping down to take a shower for the whole changing room to see. Instead, I’d go back home and shower there.

2. Clever cover-up

When I got tired of going home to shower after the gym, especially when I still had places to go after the gym, I decided to get clever. Along with the rest of my gym kit, I also packed some bikini bottoms. Wearing my bikini bottoms in the shower gives me some privacy but at the same time lets me shower effectively.

3. Bare it all

Once I forgot my bikini bottoms and had to go to a meeting after the gym. I wasn’t going covered in sweat so just had to be brave and get naked (excluding flip flops of course!).

It actually wasn’t half as scary as I thought it would be. We are all women in the changing rooms at the end of the day and people usually just get changed and go, so I’ve never actually had to shower with someone else showering at the same time (could be a future blog post, watch this space). It actually gave me a boost in confidence rather than feeling embarrassed. Body shaming is everywhere, so it felt liberating to have the confidence to be able to be naked in the shower, even if it was only for five minutes before I ran for my towel to get dressed again.

It was as fun as it looks, including the Aqualoop!

I’ll never forget the changing rooms at the indoor water park in one of the biggest malls in China (and the world), in Chengdu. The showers were in cubicles, but none of them had doors and were all facing each other. When the water park closed (of course we stayed until it closed) there were a lot of people using the showers, like hundreds. Naked bodies were everywhere as the Chinese shower naked in public, apparently. I had to look inside about 200 cubicles before finding a free one. Then the girl opposite me came over to my shower and started talking to me, she wanted to use some conditioner and as I turned around to pass it her from the shelf, she entered into my cubicle, so when I turned around, she was slap bang in my face! Nothing like this has happened at the gym as yet, if it does, I’ll be sure to share.


7 thoughts on “Communal Showering

  1. I love this! I would be a little nervous at first too, the one time I had to use communal showers, everyone stayed in their swimming costumes, so I didn’t have to worry much. I suppose it’s no different/is better than having someone spray tan you when you’re naked because they get up very close with you.

  2. hahah this is funny but true! that happened to me too during camp were we shared showers. hip

  3. The schools used to have (and I guess they still do) shared showers in Finland and Sweden, only boys and girls had their own shower rooms. The swimming pools still do have that same system (at least in Finland). I think we get too shy about ourselves at some point and might forget that we’ve possibly done it at some point of our life. And in Scandinavia you often share sauna. And I mean there are boys and girls saunas often, but if you get into a cottage, the Finns often take sauna together… usually naked. Well it’s dark in sauna usually 🙂

    1. It’s strange how different countries have different attitudes to nudity. If there is this system from schools, maybe people are used to it when they are older and it is natural.

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