Snapchat Stories I’m Sick of Seeing

Snapchat is a relatively new form of social media (can we call it social media?) where in the beginning, users sent each other photos that are only visible for a certain amount of seconds (between one and ten). This is still the main part of the popular app, but there is now a ‘Story’ feature, where you can upload a photo or short video to your story for 24 hours for all your friends to see. It’s often amusing seeing people’s Snapchat stories, but there are some which I’m sick of seeing.

Uploading a Snapchat story
  • Five Guys
    Maybe a strange one to start the list with, but I think today in Nottingham, the Five Guys restaurant/diner opened. It was on everybody’s stories! Just burgers, chips and a drink, nothing exciting.
  • Football games
    Usually people upload a 3 second video of someone scoring, but this is recorded off a pc or tv so the quality isn’t good. If it was such a fantastic goal, send me it somewhere else where I can actually see the ball thanks! This also goes for virtual football, I don’t need to see your winning goal on Fifa.
  • Videos where nothing happens
    Sometimes people upload videos in which absolutely nothing happens, like there are people just standing around doing nothing. I opened your story to be entertained, not to waste five seconds!
  • Dangerous driving
    I have seen too many people Snapchat and drive, more so since there is a feature which can track your speed. Please drive safely, it’s not cool to use your phone whilst driving.
  • Boring/ugly pets
    You clearly love your pet, which is cute but I don’t want to see your ugly cat sleeping.
  • Ready Steady Cook wannabes
    I like seeing Snapchats of food, but I don’t need to see the whole process of you baking the cake. Some people snap the eggs, then the flour, the sugar, the mixing bowls, the weighing of the sugar, sieving the flour…you get the picture. If you just give me the name of the cake, I can Google the recipe myself, no need to show me thanks.
  • Wanderers
    There are some people who upload pictures of videos of their feet on the ground as they’re walking. Why? Your shoes aren’t even nice 80% of the time.
  • Multiple gym snaps
    I don’t mind a gym selfie, but when the story goes “Pre-gym selfie” > “Ready for the gym” > “In the gym” > “Ran 10km today” > “Tired after gym” > “Post-gym food”, you’ve spent way too long telling everyone about your session. I think two should be the limit!

Those are my Snapchat pet peeves, do you have any? Comment below.


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