My Hipster Running Playlist

I’m not a hipster. But because my mp3 player is old an unable to create playlists anymore, I’m left with no option but to ‘shuffle play all’ when I listen to it, which includes when I run. Some people swear by running to EDM or house music, others to sounds of nature but here’s what I listened to as I ran my 5km run this evening.

JLS – One Shot
Favourite lyric: “You only get one shot, so make it count”

Marvin was my favourite (furthest right)

I used to listen to JLS when I was in my teens and this song is actually pretty motivational. It’s about the guy/s gathering courage to talk to a girl and ask her out, but the idea is about making the most of opportunities and just going for it.

Kanye West – Through the Wire
Favourite lyric: In the blink of an eye, his whole life changed

Always on my playlist

I prefer the old-school Kanye to his latest songs and this one is high on the list. He was determined to be a rapper despite being in a car accident and breaking his jaw and this song tells his story about the accident and his recovery in the hospital.

Enrique Iglesias – Lloro por ti
Favourite lyric: Te busqué en el infinito

Enrique ❤

I love Enrique, more his looks and voice rather than his actual songs. This is actually a pretty slow and boring one and not recommended for running.

Race 2 – Lat lag gayee
Favourite lyric: Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi lag gayi

Taken from a Bollywood film I’ve yet to see, this song is full of memories from the international parties I’ve been at. I sing along despite not knowing Hindi and it’s such a catchy song that it motivates me to carry on running.

My Hudson ft. Kanye West – Supernova
Favourite lyric: And I feel like taking off

Let me be your supernova

This song reminds me that the universe is much bigger than what we can see.

Shakira – Addicted to You
Favourite lyric: Ahora si me lleva la corriente

Ever since I started learning Spanish, I’ve loved Shakira and her songs. A lot of them are either in Spanglish, or have both English and Spanish versions, so listening to her is definitely revision.

Beyoncé – Why Don’t You Love Me?
Favourite lyric: I got beauty, I got heart, keep my head in them books I’m sharp

Beyoncé is so iconic and inspirational that hearing any song of hers is a pick up. This one also has a great lyric there’s nothing not to love about me which reminds me of being positive about myself and carrying on to reach my goals.

Those are just random songs that came up whilst I was running, tomorrow there will be a different set, provoking different memories as I run my route. Do you have any unconventional songs to run to?


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