When shopping gets complicated

I like shopping for clothes, on and offline. I love browsing dresses, skirts, patterns and colours. But yesterday, it was just so complicated buying clothes! I have a slim, athletic figure yet it’s often difficult finding sizes that fit well. It becomes difficult when shops have so many types of sizing available now, besides regular clothes sizes 8-10-12 etc, there are also petite lines, S-M-L and occasionally, child sizes too.

I don’t understand why sizing isn’t standardised everywhere. In theory, if a woman is a size 10, she’s bound to have some pieces that are size 8s or 12s, because shops have their different ways of measuring and sometimes the styles mean you need a smaller or a bigger style.

That’s all very well, but it frustrates me when I’m four different sizes within the same shop! I went to a high street store yesterday, as it was offering 20% discount to students and I wanted an outfit for my friend’s birthday on Friday night. I saw a couple of nice tops that could go with some shorts I’ve already got, so picked sizes 8 and 10 to try on.

hmprodI tried them on and they were too big, so went back and got the 6, which was a better fit. Then I saw a really pretty dress. Black and white, Aztec style. As I just got a size 6 top, I thought I would fit in to a size 10 dress…I was wrong. In the changing rooms, it just would not fit over my shoulders, so I got a 12 which is still pretty tight, but looks great (check the snapchats on Friday night to see it).

I also found a nice patterned crop top, which was in S-M-L sizes, so chose the medium so it would go over my shoulders and I found a black skater skirt to go with it which I also got in medium because in this same store, I’ve had to get a size 14 skirt before, to fit my shape.

The store was closing, so I didn’t have time to try the skirt on, but when I got home, it was too big. I needed a small after all.

Does anybody else think it’s ridiculous that in one single shop my sizes are so different and that for shirts and dresses I’m 3 sizes apart, yet my body is the same? In some shops my dress and shirt size is the same, so it’s not a general thing, it’s just this shop it seems!


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