The 3 Scariest Things at the BUCS Sprint Triathlon

Yesterday, with the UoN Triathlon Club, I went to Calne to compete in the annual BUCS Sprint Triathlon. It consisted of a 750m swim, 25km cycle and a 5km run. The weather forecast wasn’t looking the best and some people had to endure a thunderstorm whilst out on their race. Luckily, I went in the morning and got a bit of sun for my wave. Triathlons can be scary, especially for me as a beginner to the sport. Here is a countdown of the scariest things I encountered yesterday:

3. Scarecrows

Actually pretty scary

The cycle route was through quiet roads in the Wiltshire countryside and I’ve actually never seen so many scarecrows in my life as I did yesterday. What surprised me was that most of them weren’t even in the fields, they were stood up against people’s front door, or casually chilling at the gate when you cycled around the corner. They gave me a bit of a fright.

2. Flies in the eyes

I found this picture quite funny

Because the weather was quite cloudy for my wave, I decided not to wear sunglasses. Bad decision. As I was cycling, I could smell the flowers and the cows, it seems the flies did too and were all out for a Sunday fly. About 3 flies flew directly into my eye (always the left one) and several more full on smacked me in the face. Next time, I’ll wear sunglasses so I don’t have to worry about conjunctivitis.

1. Jigsaw

Scariest thing to see ever

The previous two are things which may be common at triathlons in general, but this one is more abstract. When I left the transition area and got on my bike, I cycled through a housing estate. In one of the cars, on the left hand side, placed on the passenger’s headrest was the face of Jigsaw from the Saw series of horror movies. These films gave me nightmares as a teenager and even thinking about it now gives me chills. So to see the face of the evil creature, come to haunt me at the beginning of my cycle really wasn’t a good omen. I’m surprised I stayed on my bike as it really scared me and I had visions that he too would come out on his little tricycle to take me away and give me some cruel punishment for immense procrastination or something.


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