Motivational Posters

This quote has been coming up a lot on my instagram feed lately and it couldn’t be truer to me at the moment. In regards to my triathlon training, I now feel stronger and better than ever, I feel I’ve made progress in each of the three disciplines and my bike confidence has increased tenfold. Before, when a car would zoom past me, I’d tense up and panic, but now I’ve learnt to keep my cool and carry on.

The poster is true when it comes to endurance sports like triathlon because as you increase the distances, intensity and type of training, some parts get do get easier. For example, at the beginning of term, my CSS speed for swimming (the time I should be aiming to swim each 100m at – it’s a fast pace that should be maintained for a while) was 1.47/100m. A few months later, it’s decreased to 1.34/100m. In swimming, a 13 second difference is huge, so I can clearly see my gains there.

Sometimes, if I’m really not in the mood to listen to them, I can find motivational posters patronising. You know when you just don’t want somebody telling you how to act, feel or do? So I scroll past them and find pictures of food or great landscapes. Motivational posters can be really good at other times though, like above when they ring true, or like the ones our coach posts on a Tuesday night to encourage us to get up for the 6.30am swim on Wednesday.

Do you like motivational posters?


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