Training Solo

I’ve finished at uni (for good!) and am now back at home for the summer. The move back to Coventry has also meant that I can’t train with the amazing guys and girls at UoN Triathlon Club. I originally planned to join the Coventry Triathlon Club, but their training timetable isn’t as convenient as I thought it would be. Some of the sessions are across the other side of the city and with my summer jobs, I can’t always make these. So I’ve resorted to training solo.

I’ve posted before about the benefits of practicing an individual sport as part of a team and it is difficult coming out of that environment. It’s easy to fall into the trap of not going to training sessions and believing that with one cycle and one run a week, you’re doing enough. It’s one I started to fall into, as I started some part time summer jobs and lost motivation to train.

Until I got Strava.

Strava is an app which tracks your movements (cycling and running), you can follow your friends/team mates and see the efforts of other athletes. There are also segments of road where you can race against other users to be King (or Queen) of the Mountain. Since getting more involved with Strava, I’ve been more motivated to get out and train, even if I don’t have much time on my hands.

I’ve got two triathlons coming up, City of Birmingham and Paignton, so I still need to keep in shape and work on my mileage on the bike and out running – especially as they’re both Olympic distance! I’m not sure how I’ll perform at these next two triathlons, but I’m keen to enjoy myself and races are a lot easier when you’ve put in lots of training effort beforehand.

Last week, I did two runs, a small 5k one and a longer 12.5k one too. I also did a quick cycle to the betting shop, where I won the prize of Queen of the Mountain on The Drive (a steep hill where my primary school is) as well as a long 60km cycle this morning. Next week I’ve got more free time, and I’m hoping for a couple of mid-distance rides and aiming to run every other day.

Training on your own can be hard, but I think when you put your mind to it and see what other people are up to, through apps like Strava (which also help you to track your pace, distance and elevation) training without a team isn’t a barrier.


2 thoughts on “Training Solo

  1. Congrats on finding your stride into training again! My mom just completed one in June and I plan to do one sometime in the near future. I know it;s no easy task, but when there’s a will there’s a way! You’ve got it, and I look forward to readig more about your tri in the near future!

    1. Yes, definitely tri a triathlon! They’re great fun and you get such a sense of achievement crossing the finish line. Best of luck and I’ll post about the race in a couple of weeks time.

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