The Race Pack

One of the best parts of race preparation for me, is getting the race pack. For triathlons, it’s usually quite a big 10-20 page document as it outlines the different sections of the race and things you, as a competitor, need to be aware of. There are maps of the swim, cycle and run routes and these maps have annotations, showing the dangerous parts of the course and arrows to show which direction you have to move in. There are also adverts from sponsors, checklists of what you have to bring and any race specific rules.

Today, I got the race pack for my next triathlon, the City of Birmingham triathlon in Sutton park.

Race Pack Email
Race Pack Email

As you can see, it also tells you your race number for the event. Your number is what identifies you from other competitors, so you can get your individual time. It also helps spectators to spot you, when you’re cycling or running with other athletes. I love the feeling of putting on my race number and I keep my numbers from all my races as do many other athletes. Some of my friends have them pinned to their walls, other filed away in notebooks and folders. Mine are a bit disorganised at the moment, they’re in a folder waiting to be stuck into a triathlon scrapbook I’m meaning to do, but I really like Marc’s medal display idea. I just don’t have enough medals to put on it!

After a manic May with three triathlons – BUCS sprint, Coventry sprint and BUCS standard (we like to do things in threes), I didn’t do any racing events in June. So I’m really excited to get my trisuit on and compete in the Birmingham triathlon in just over a week’s time. The race pack has really got my excited and looking at the maps, it seems like a nice course to compete on, with eight bike laps to do, I’ll hopefully get lots of encouragement from my family as I cycle past.

It’ll be my first event on my new bike, Blanca, and I have my own wetsuit now. I feel prepared for the cold lake water and the competition!! Wish me luck


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