Summer Handbag Essentials (UK Edition)

As summer finally makes its way to the UK (yay!), it’s time for me to start packing my handbag a bit differently. Here is a low down of the essential items I keep in my handbag on a summer’s day in the UK, where weather is unpredictable. I’m quite a low maintenance chick, so this list includes practical items to help combat the weather, rather than products that other women choose to take.

  • Bottled water
    I usually carry water with me regardless, but I make sure to take plenty when the weather’s warm to keep hydrated.
  • Wet wipes
    There’s nothing nice about sweating it out on a bus, so having a little pack of wet wipes is good for wiping your forehead, palms or other places.
  • Fan
    Another great item for keeping cool when the temperature gets high.

    Chinese fan with dragons
    Chinese fan with dragons
  • Sunglasses
    Eye protection is always good for bright days.
  • Imperishable snacks
    Raisins, apples and granola bars survive the heat without going mushy or melted.
  • Scrunchie
    If I’m wearing my hair down, I’ll have a hair band on standby to tie up the ‘mop’.
  • Umbrella
    Because rain is always a possibility!
  • Light jacket/scarf
    As with above, the weather can get cooler so take a jacket/cardi just in case

If you’re wondering how all these items fit into a handbag, there is no simple explanation as to how…they just do!

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22 thoughts on “Summer Handbag Essentials (UK Edition)

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  3. Umbrella… Ahh, Houston weather requires the same but it always seems like such a hassle to carry one around… the weight and size… You’re a trooper for always having one on hand! Although I guess it rains more in the UK than here…

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  5. Love this. An umbrella is a must for Houston summers, although we get much longer stretches before needing to be sure to keep one handy!

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  7. This is such a great blog post topic, thanks for sharing!! The wet wipes idea is so good…can’t believe I haven’t done that sooner! It sounds like it would be a LIFESAVER!!

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