Take a glimpse…

or a glance, a peek or a quick look.

That was one of my thoughts when cycling through the Devonshire countryside today. I saw so many landscapes of beautiful hills with cows, hay bales, cottages, sheep. You name it, is was there, complete with an array of different colours – green shrubs, trees and grass, blues and whites in the sky and browns of the cottages and houses I passed along the roadside.

Dartmoor national park (Devon)

But, as I was cycling (and mid-race), there was no opportunity for me to stop and take a picture of the scenes I saw. So instead, I’m left with the glimpses, the glances, the peeks and the quick looks of the Devonshire countryside instead of the eternal photos. There are some visions that I can recreate quite well, but I’m unsure if I 100% remember them, or whether it’s my subconscious mind filling in the missing pieces of the things I actually saw and remember.

Maybe we don’t need photos, which last forever and get retouched, edited or deleted over time. Maybe the glimpses we get of panoramas or people are enough…


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