For a while, I’ve been considering changing my blog’s name. My L(e)onely Planet was a play on words of the famous Lonely Planet travel guides and my blog started as primarily a travel blog to keep friends and family updated on my travels overseas. Over the past year, my blog has developed and I’ve written a lot more about sports and university life. These topics don’t go well with the title and as I had no more travel plans, I started to think about what I would change the name to…


I’ve now got other plans that will mean I get to keep and continue My L(e)onely Planet. After applying for jobs and graduate schemes, I’m now moving back to China for a year, thanks to the British Council and Chinese government. I won a one year scholarship to study Mandarin at Zhejiang Normal University and I fly out this Saturday for this new adventure.

I’ve got my visa and travel itinerary ready (8 hr flight to Delhi – 6.5 hr flight to Shanghai – one night stay in Shanghai – 1 hr metro journey to Hongqiao train station – 2 hr train to Jinhua) and I’m now starting to think about what to pack. It’s a great opportunity to go back to a country I didn’t explore enough last time, improve my Mandarin and make connections.

As I didn’t change my blog’s name, I did change my theme and added a new widget so you can see what books I’m currently reading.


One thought on “Changes

  1. Welcome back! I’ve never been to Jinhua, but I know ham (similar to Spanish ham!) is produced there, haha.

    Jinhua is very close to Jiangxi, there are some great, quiet places around there! Have fun!

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