Chinese Fashion: 10 Epic Fails

Can’t wait to see some of these again.

Marta lives in China

One of the things I like about Chinese people is that they have a very peculiar style and are not afraid of displaying it in public. I have seen people wearing very flashy clothes or impossible hairdos and no one ever bats an eyelid. In contrast, when I was 16 and still in Spain, I dyed my hair red. A random old man on the street told me my hair was ugly. Thanks for the unsolicited opinion, sir. However, if I had bright red hair in China, no one would even look at me. Well, they would because I am a foreigner, but they wouldn’t give a crap about the red hair. In fact, it seems the latest fashion in Shanghai and Suzhou is dying your hair blue, purple or green. Not only alternative young women do this, I have also seen it in middle aged women!

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