Top Tips from ZJNU

In the exchange student office today, I found a little booklet titled “Tips for You”, I picked it up and it’s a handbook for students with advice on how to be a good, healthy and happy student. I want to share with you some of the funnier tips:

  • University canteens are better choice for dinner – nice self-promotion of the university facilities.
  • Please contact your parents as often as you can and share your colourful life in the university.
  • Please make full use of the library and enjoy staying there.
  • Make a rational choice about the various clubs – this refers to the societies on campus, not nightclubs, I think it’s trying to encourage a good study/social life balance.
  • The weather changes during a day, remember to dress accordingly.
  • After using the computer or reading books for a long time, please look in the distance to relax your eyes.
  • “A closed mouth catches no flies”. Please clean fruits properly before eating.
  • Sleep well and get up early. This will give you a strong body.
  • Smoking and alcohol are very harmful to your health…do not drink too much in your dormitory.

I wonder if these tips are just for international students, or for all students here at 浙师大. I hope by following these top tips and the others in the booklet, I will have a great time here at Zhejiang Normal University!

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