Getting out and running


The cold, dark mornings arrived in China which really disrupted my running habit. I used to set my first alarm at 6.13am to get up and run at 6.30am when my dormitory’s door was unlocked and go for a morning run in one of the three stadiums on campus. But now, even if I set that 6.13am alarm, it’s really hard to get out of bed and go running. I don’t usually mind running in the rain, and it’s been raining a lot lately, but more and more people have told me that the rain in China has lots of chemicals that can damage my skin and hair, which puts me off. And I don’t have a base layer, amongst all my other excuses.

On Sunday, I wasn’t planning on going for a run, I had a tough HIIT taekwondo class on Saturday [lots of jumping] and had another one on Sunday afternoon, but when I woke up at 10.30am and saw the sun shining, I just couldn’t resist going for a run. Especially as the day before I deleted a lot of slow songs off my mp3 player, so it was full of uplifting, upbeat songs.

A rare sunny morning in Jinhua

My legs were a bit stuff, but it was so bright and clear outside, I didn’t mind. I knew taekwondo class would be hard that afternoon, especially if the instructor made us do all that jumping again, but I told myself I’m training for a marathon, I need to keep running.

After my 8.7km run, I treated myself to lunch in the canteen. I’d seen the deep fried chicken wings several times, but never tried them until Sunday. They were a little spicy, and I am really glad I tried them, 35p for two is a bargain too.

I didn’t bother to get changed out of my favourite running top, as I have to wear something underneath my itchy taekwondo clothes. In taekwondo that afternoon, after 3 weeks of practice, I finally managed to master a kick that the instructor had been teaching us. After class I went back to the canteen in my gym clothes, (the second time in one day!) and was pleased with all the sport I’d done that weekend. It was tiring, and I think I almost cried in taekwondo on Saturday because it was too difficult, but I made it through and am now stronger for it.

My favourite running top
Sometimes, you just need that little push to get you out running, then all is good. On Sunday it was the sunshine, I wonder what it will be today, or tomorrow.


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