Internet Shopping in China [2]

I’ve entered the world of online shopping in China and so far, so good! If you remember a couple of weeks ago it was Singles DayMy orders have all arrived and I’m pleased with them all!

I thought that my cheap ugg boots wouldn’t be waterproof at all, but they’ve been tested in one of Jinhua’s downpours and they are definitely waterproof.

Since then, I’ve also ordered some leggings, some funky trousers and three jumpers.

Because I’m living on halls on campus, I order to the university address and the delivery companies deliver it to one of the smaller shops on campus. I’m never sure when my things will actually arrive until I get a text message. It tells me which shop to go to and at what time. Then it’s really simple, I go to the shop, tell them my order number, Chinese name and phone number.

I think online shopping in China so far has been much more convenient than in the UK when somebody has to be at home at a certain time to receive the package and sign for it. The only problem is finding what I want to buy in the first place…

I was looking for a thermal base layer for running in the cold, but after the fifth page of mens thermal boxers, I finally gave up.


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