Veganuary – Day 2

It’s really surprising when you start looking at the ingredients list of everyday foods and seeing what’s in them. I was going to buy a packet of crisps today, but each flavour I looked it still contained some type of milk powder, so I didn’t eat any in the end.

Then I was going to have a cup of coffee, I have some of those nescafe sachets where you just pour and mix, it’s a mixture of coffee, milk and sugar. So I couldn’t have one of those. I’m not a fan at all of black coffee, so will have to look for some coffee creamer that isn’t dairy based, if I’m going to do this properly. If I can’t find any, I will just continue using my usual sachets as coffee is something I can’t give up. Although now I’m drinking more green tea than ever before (I found a brand I really like and it’s convenient to keep leaves in my flask and reuse them several times), I often need a coffee when I’m working until late in the evenings.

There are things like biscuits and chocolate, that I don’t mind giving up, since I’ll be eating more fruit, I’ll get a lot of my sugars naturally and we’ve all read about how harmful sugar is in our diet.

I’m currently really excited about eating naturally, but it is an issue when deciding on what to eat, as Chinese chefs often but meat into dishes that shouldn’t have meat. I’m also a huge fan of noodles and am sure most of the noodles are fresh egg noodles. I’m going to making sure to eat plenty of rice and there are dishes like 麻辣烫,麻辣香锅, which won’t have meat or dairy in them.


麻辣香锅 is a Sichuan dish, the shop will have a cabinet full of veg, noodles, meat etc for you to choose. You put what you want in a bowl and you pay by weight. They then just stir fry it all up and add some spices.


6 thoughts on “Veganuary – Day 2

  1. I had the chip thing happen to me yesterday. Luckily for me New York is FULL of so many vegan brands. I’m not sure if vegan cuts and urthbox ship to where you are, but you should check them out. You basically pay a monthly subscription and they send you 7-10 different vegan items sometimes it can chocolate, sometimes it can be pancake mix, and popcorn, and all sorts of things and everything is vegan. Also when it comes to coffee just use regular nescafe and add the sugar and almond milk or coconut milk to it instead of getting packets that encompass it all. My boyfriend and I really love instant coffee so that is what I end up doing. I love love love chinese food and noodles especially thai noodles, so when I was about to go out to eat I looked up on google how to order vegan thai food and they gave me suggestions on what to say so dishes can be modified to be made vegan. I’ve pretty much been living off the internet for advice 🙂 I hope some of these might be helpful.

      1. I love coconut milk, also coconut creme is great for cooking. It’s instead of a creamer. So if you want to give something a richer taste you can use coconut creme.

  2. I’m vegan here in China, and I do mostly ok. I guess that I occasionally eat something made with a meat broth or oyster sauce, etc, but I do my best to avoid things like that.
    For tea and coffee we have a soy milk maker, which users soy beans and water. I already got used to prepackaged soy milk in my tea back home anyway, so it tastes pretty good to me.
    I’m sure you’ve tried all kinds of tofu. Other things easy to find in China are peanuts and other nuts, sesame paste, wood ear 木耳 and other mushrooms.
    (I’m not sure than most noodles in China are egg noodles, I think they’ve usually just flour/water kind?)

    1. Thanks for the advice, yes there is so much tofu to try here and I really like wood ear too. I bought lots of nuts at the supermarket yesterday too, as well as oats for breakfast which I had with peanut butter and fresh fruit. Like you say, there are some things which probably can’t be avoided when eating out, but there’s only so much you can do as a consumer.

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