Veganuary – Starting off

I decided to go vegan this January, as part of the Veganuary campaign to stop cruelty to animals and raise awareness of veganism.

I chose to do this for a few reasons. In India, I ate a lot, like so much I felt my stomach expanding and really didn’t like feeling that way, so I knew I wanted to eat healthier in the new year and have a detox period after eating so much. When I was in India, I was staying and travelling with a vegan friend Melissa, and being around her and being in India in general, where a large percentage of the population is vegetarian, made me think about vegetarianism and veganism. Then I saw a friend of mine make the pledge, so it just seemed like something I could do too.

I’ve taken the pledge, have you?

Before starting, I was a little nervous, I only decided to do it on 31st December, so didn’t have time to go on a huge meat and dairy binge before starting, but I knew I’d miss eggs for breakfast and some of the Chinese food I’d missed when in India 番茄炒鸡蛋,饺子,糖酥里脊 etc.

I had lots of questions about it, and still do, but just 2 days in and I’m actually finding answers to things that before puzzled me. For my whole life, I’ve never known why some vegetarians don’t eat eggs, thinking that eggs aren’t living animals and the hens are kept alive, many of which (especially in the UK) are free range. But I never had the confidence to ask a vegetarian why they eat the way they do, but now I realise that it’s the fact that we are keeping animals outside of their natural environment to fuel the demand for humans. And especially in China, I know free range isn’t a thing, I’ve seen cages the same size that our cockatiel at home lives in, housing 3 chickens, just on the street, surrounded by motorbike fumes, oil on the floor and all other gross things.

I know aswell there are many different reasons why people go vegetarian or vegan, there are health and diet reasons, some people are against animal cruelty, some don’t like the texture or taste of meat so I’ll be really interested in reading other people’s stories.

I still have my doubts about veganism, of course. I’m very anti food waste and it’s been proven that most of domestic food waste is fruit and vegetables, which raises concerns about the sustainability of a vegan diet. As an athletic woman, I also like to consume a high protein diet, and the easiest way to get that protein for me is through meat. But we’ll see how it goes and if my opinion changes by the end of the month. I hope you can join me on this journey.

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2 thoughts on “Veganuary – Starting off

  1. Regarding food waste- it takes 600 gallons of water to raise enough meat for one hamburger. 51% of the rainforests have been destroyed to raise livestock.
    Also a lot of food is wasted by putting it through an animal first. If people just ate the vegetables they would save water, land, rainforests, cut down methane emissions.
    Veganism is the best thing you could do for the planet!
    Protein wise tofu, nuts, quinoa are your friends 🙂
    Congrats on giving it a go! I am doing it too but going from being vegi so it is easier

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