Veganuary – Oreos

As part of Veganuary, me and my friends who are also trying it out are discovering loads of brands and foods that are Vegan-friendly. One of those is Oreos…even Chinese Oreos! As I had a 27 hour train journey from Jinhua to Chongqing, and I saw individually wrapped packs of Oreos, I decided to do an experiment and see which flavour was the best.

I’d already tried the Tiramisu ones the week before and thought they weren’t bad. I picked five flavours, although China has many more, just not individually wrapped. Unfortunately, the birthday cake flavoured ones had milk in them. I ate them throughout the train journey and here are the results.

5 Vegan Friendly Chinese Oreos

1. Raspberry and blueberry 

These tasted pretty sweet and sickly, but I finished the pack of two. The blueberry half just tasted really artificial and like an awful blueberry milk tea I bought one time that was also just too sweet for me.

2. Mango and orange

Another sweet flavour, but not as sickly as the first one, still I wouldn’t buy a whole packet willingly. They were a bit tangy, maybe the orange, but the combination didn’t work well with the Oreo chocolate.

3. Peach and grape

I was actually looking forward to this one the most out of all the ‘double flavoured’ ones, because grape and peach juice is pretty nice. But these were absolutely awful, like I had a toothpastey kinda taste in my mouth and I only ate one of the biscuits. I gave the other to a young boy on the train.

4. Chocolate

This flavour is fine, but after all the other Oreos, I just wasn’t really in the mood for biscuits if I’m honest. This is probably the best of the bunch, but still isn’t something I’m mad about.

5. Original

Some people are mad about Oreos, but I don’t see the big fuss to be honest. I ate the final original flavour, knowing what to expect, no surprises or anticipating an awful taste, and it was ok. Nothing special, as usual.

So after all that, what have I concluded? Well actually, I think I don’t actually like Oreos all that much after all, apart from when they’re in a milkshake or a McFlurry (both non-vegan). So I won’t be running back to a supermarket to get any more, nor will I try any of the other flavours – green tea, banana milk, ice cream or white strawberry.


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