Veganuary – Changed my breakfast

I wrote before about how breakfast in China was proving difficult for me as it wasn’t the same as eating breakfast in the UK – toast, muesli, cereals etc just weren’t available for me.

When I started Veganuary, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find much in the canteen for breakfast, I asked a vegan friend of mine and she suggested oats. Last summer I ate a lot of oats for breakfast, so this seemed like a good idea. I remembered looking for oats in the supermarket before, but they all needed milk and a microwave.

I went to a larger supermarket and found some oats that just needed water. Perfect! I bought a bowl and was excited for breakfast. At the university’s north gate there’s a whole line of fruit stalls, so I stocked up on fruit for my new breakfasts. The fruit sellers are pretty cheap and they often give you a couple of extra pieces of fruit if you’re friendly with them. For convenience, they sell small trays of pre-cut fruit like dragon fruit and different types of melons. These are usually 3 for 10块 (£1).

Since changing to eating oats for breakfast I feel a lot better in the mornings. Sometimes at the canteen I’d eat something greasy, meaty or strange, leaving me with a weird feeling in the morning, or dirty hands. But eating oats I know is good for me and having fresh fruit is a great way to start the day, so I’m going to continue this trend after Veganuary too.

Here are some examples of my new breakfast, it’s so flexible, I can buy whatever fruits are in season and also add melon seeds, peanuts, raisins and my favourite….peanut butter.

Local strawberries and grapes
Chinese pear, melon seeds, raisins and peanut butter
Banana, peanut butter, raisins and peanuts

When buying fruit I always try my best to buy local fruit. The stallholders tell me their fruit is local, but I’m not sure how local is “local”. My meaning of local is that the fruit has come from the surrounding 100km or so, but I have a feeling they think local is the whole of the province and a little further.

I’m also very puzzled at how China can produce strawberries and oranges in such cold weather right now. But that’s another topic altogether.


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