The Art of the Selfie

No, I’m not talking about the pouty posing pictures using the front camera of your mobile phone. I mean a photo that you take by yourself with a digital camera. It really is an art, but why is it still necessary?

In China, I do a fair amount of travelling and taking photos when I’m in different places. When I’m travelling by myself, and want pictures of me in or at places, I sometimes ask locals or other travellers to take photos of me. But they don’t always come out as I wish they would. Chinese people have a tendency to think that getting your whole body in the frame is better than the scenery in the back ground. Or sometimes they’re not good at focussing. Here are some examples.

So instead of asking people to take pictures for me, I’ve been practising taking them by myself, by turning the camera around and pointing it at myself. This is better than a selfie stick, as my elbow can bend and I can point the camera so that my arm doesn’t get in the way.

I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised at how well my latest selfies have turned out. Of course, there’s always a few takes, but the final product really is quite impressive. Looking at them, I don’t think you can tell that they are selfies…or can you?



10 thoughts on “The Art of the Selfie

  1. My favourite option is definitely the timer and putting the camera somewhere. Last time I went to the Bund in Shanghai with a friend we asked a Chinese girl to take a picture of us. She managed to take it in a way that none of the buildings in the skyline was visible… amazing. It must be a superpower.

    1. Yeah, my camera only has two self-timer options though, two seconds or ten seconds. So it’s either press the button and rush into position, or take your time as ten seconds is actually quite long to hold a pose for!

  2. You’re so lucky! My only alternative when solo is a selfie stick, because my arms don’t make it possible to have much of the background in the picture. It’s totally all face—perfect for sending to friends and family because they love those photos.

      1. Ugh I know self timer, but those always seem to give me weirder selfies. I’m like “wait, did it—CLICK” UGH goofy selfie. LOL maybe I just need to be patient!

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