Nigerian Vibes

This title might seem a bit strange for regular readers of my blog, but today I’m going to share with you some of my favourite  Nigerian songs. Funnily enough, all these songs (and most African music I know) have been introduced to me when I was in China. There are a lot of study opportunities for Africans in China, and as I make friends with them, I learn about their music…it’s even played in the local bars!

‘Chop my money’

P-Square is a group of two brothers, and they’re also friends with Akon. This song is about giving a girl(friend) money to spend and not minding, because they’ve got plenty of money.

‘Kilo dale’

This song tells the story of Wizkid’s struggle to get noticed in the industry.

‘Sebede, sebede, sebede!’

Actually, this one I first heard when working at Viva la Fiesta in the UK. It’s about him being hungry for more women…like Oliver Twist wanting more gruel.


This is for all the Qingdao Class of 2013! This is a Nigerian song, sung in Igbo. It’s about a pretty girl.


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