First White Belt Battle

I’ve been studying taekwondo ever since I came to China last September. Unfortunately, at Christmas time I missed the grading exam, so I’m still a white belt along with a lot of the other students who got tired towards the end of term and opted to spend their weekends in the library.

This term though, instead of just kicking a bag or pad held up by a partner, we had three classes where we all got the chance to do some practice fights. I got them on video and below is the video of my second ever taekwondo fight (somebody moved the video recorder for the first one, so half the time we’re fighting off screen).

I’m wearing blue, and my opponent Rosa, is actually the coach’s girlfriend, so she knows not to be nervous about kicking out as some of the other girls are. Some of the others apologise in the ‘ring’ and are too nervous about hurting their opponent to try putting what we’ve learnt into practice.

I really enjoyed the practice fights, it was good to watch others too, although the lads got a bit aggressive and scary. I realised mid-fight that we’d only studied how to attack, not how to defend, which is why I didn’t know what to do when Rosa had me backed against the wall!

I hope you enjoy the video, let me know what you think.

Also, we were told to take off our taekwondo shoes, so as not to hurt each other as much, but kicking with bare feet hurt quite a bit, which is why Rosa stops to rub her feet.


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