Misheard Lyrics (Spanish)

A few weeks ago I posted about some of the misheard lyrics I’ve heard in Chinese. I also speak Spanish, so here are my best/worst examples of misheard Spanish lyrics.

‘Juan caramelo’

Me and my friend used to sing this in secondary school, as there was a cute language assistant at school called Juan. We thought the song said ‘Juan caramelo‘ (caramel Juan), but how wrong were we?! The song is actually ‘Guantanemera’ and it’s areally big Cuban song that is written about a girl from the city of Guantanemo, it’s been covered by lots of artists and this is one of my favourite versions.

‘El taxi’ ~ Osmnani Garcia ft Pitbull

If you’ve ever been with me at a Spanish party when this song comes on, you’ll know how much I love it! I thought the lyrics were yo yo yo me paré el taxi, yo yo yo yo yo me paré el taxi, (it was me, me me me who stopped the taxi…something to be proud of right?) but it’s actually cho cho chofer pare el taxi, cho cho cho cho chofer pare el taxi (driver driver diver, stop the taxi). And it’s not only me, there are loads of Spanish articles online about locals making this mistake too.

‘La polla amarilla’ ~ Chico Trujillo

Truly the best band I’ve ever seen live, this Chilean band is really great. Their song La Pollera Amarillla is inspired by Alexis Sanchez, pollera being the Chilean word for a shirt (the [wonder child] in the yellow [football] shirt). But I heard it as ‘la polla amarilla’, which if you know Spanish will be very funny – literal translation = the yellow hen, real life translation = the yellow p*nis.

Have you made any of these mistakes?


3 thoughts on “Misheard Lyrics (Spanish)

  1. Hilarious, haha. For songs from Latin American countries, I sometimes don’t understand clearly either 😛

    Sometimes we hear Spanish words in English songs. Do you know Hotel California, right? When it says “and she lit up a candle”, many Spanish people actually hear “un chinito pescando” (a little Chinese fishing) hahaha!

      1. Hahahaha I didn’t know this one!! But it has to be fake, right? Because I find it hard to believe the host would know what song it is!!! xD

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